Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Hope for Sri Lankan Tourism

Sri Lankan Tourism started picking up recently after decades long downturn in the industry. As Tourism is a resilient industry, it'll have ups and downs all around the world depending on Political,economical, social... prevailing conditions.

Most of the Aitken Spence Hotels were fully booked during the long weekend on 04th Sept 2009 and the pattern started continuation on the weekends no matter whether it's a long weekend or just an ordinary weekend. This is a clear sign that the Industry started picking up with many new hopes and wishes.

When the economic down turn around the world is finished by around 2 years of time, the world tourism industry will start booming up by generating tremendous direct and indirect job opportunities for masses.

So any one hoping to be in an industry, which has many potentials, now its time to get back to Tourism. Aitken Spence have identified their role as the Market Leader by establishing a fully fledged Hotel School in Ahungalla to train youth to take up future challenges.

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